Heartbroken Alice Stenlöf - It gets better

In an earlier video from last winter, Alice said that she and Jireel had ended their relationship and it had been a lot of work for her. "I just feel love for that guy. So now I'm single again. I think I should not go and fall in love this time, "Alice said then.

Alice's latest video shows how heartbroken and depressed she actually became. "I have been so heartbroken that it has felt like I have broken down," Alice says in the video. She felt bad all spring and she thanks her family who came from Gothenburg to get her out of bed and who cooked for her.

Alice thanks her former assistant Lucas who ran her entire business all alone because Alice could not. Her friends were very helpful so she could finally start to see life brightly again. She also got help from a psychologist to feel better.

After a happy and eventful summer, Alice fell in love again. But she does not tell in whom. She says she feels good about being on her dream trip to Costa Rica and she will be there for several more months.

Screenshots: youtube/alicestenlof

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