Lisa Anckarman's update on Instagram

Lisa Anckarman has come up with an update on Instagram.

"After anxious days at the hospital with constant checks, we were finally told that both the brain x-ray and all the blood values looked good and we could go home to my parents on Koh Lanta and celebrate Christmas.

Now I have been resting from everything for almost two weeks. The first 5 days I slept the most and had a bursting headache. It felt like I had physically injured my head in an accident.

But slowly but surely I have started laughing from the stomach and enjoying life again."

Lisa goes on to say in her post that the recordings for the couple's Youtube series have been stopped and that the finished episodes will be broadcasted.

Now she is thinking about how she should change her life to not suffer again from vision loss, fainting, non-existent coordination and inability to talk for several hours.

It must have been stress that triggered it all and Lisa does not want to be part of it again. 

She describes her fiancé Henrik Elvejord Borg by saying “he has been my everything during this period. A warm cliff in the storm to lean against.”

Screenshots: instagram/lisaanckarman

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