Alice Stenlöf poses with Robin Kadir

Are we supposed to assume that there´s something going on between Alice Stenlöf and Robin Kadir by looking at the photos from Alice´s feed?

Robin Kadir has released a song called "Inkassera" which has gone quite well. In addition, he has signed a global publishing agreement with BMG.

-"BMG has signed a global publishing agreement with the Swedish artist, DJ and producer Robin Kadir. This summer, his debut album will be released, which is visited by parts of the Swedish hip-hop elite."

He is a DJ at Spy Bar and has produced songs for Mwuana and Alice´s Jireel, among others.

His music video production for Felix Sandman´s Imprint won the Best New Talent Music award Video at the Clubbing TV Awards in France 2018.

Screenshots: instagram/alicestenlof Source:

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