Alice Stenlöf and Klara Elvgren - Daily fights

Klara Elvgren describes her temporary cohabitation with Alice Stenlöf. The girls quarrel with each other daily and Alice seems to be incredibly annoyed with Klara. Alice should have frankly said no to Klara staying with her for a while.

When Klara was in Sri Lanka recording FBoy Island, she was told that she had to leave her second-hand apartment immediately. The girl she rented it from did not have permission to rent it out and now Klara's things needed to be removed and the apartment was to be sold.

Klara's assistant Kajsa had to quickly ruffle Klara's things into garbage bags and sacks. Then she took everything to Alice's apartment. Even then, Alice started posting stories where she sighed annoyed.

Klara has now ended up in a situation where her apartment is not vacant yet. Then it will also be renovated. But she does not feel welcome at Alice's home.

I'm so grateful to live with Alice. But you know the feeling you have no home right now. I'm so f-cking grateful I can stay at Alice´s. I just want to take my stuff away but I have nowhere to put my stuff because my life is chaos right now. My life is packed in a thousands of different bags. So I can´t "clean up my life" because I dont know where to put my things. My life is just like a bomb blast right now. It stresses the shit out of me. This makes me very stressed.

The problem in itself was that she (Alice) felt like cleaning up and I buy that argument. But it made me feel such anxiety because I don´t know how to unpack and I don´t know how to clean up. I just feel like I'm in the way of Alice. You know the feeling when you live with someone else, you just feel in the way of her. It's awful. It's actually awful. I just wish I could give her space and say "you get your home now". I just want to disappear but I have nowhere to disappear and it makes me panic.

Klara´s issues continue in Youtube video . Assistant Kajsa does not have time to focus on Klara full time and now Klara needs a new assistant.

Klara receives a phone call from a girl friend who tells her that she has slept with the guy whom Klara has been dating for a long time. "What about women who have to have guys who are in a relationship and why do they have to sleep with guys I've been with?"

To give Alice some space, Klara goes on a week-long trip to New York. Soon it will be June and then Klara can take her things to her new apartment and its storage.

The apartment became more expensive than expected when interest rates went up while Klara was filming. She now regrets her purchase of a pink Chanel bag at Dubai Airport. "I don´t know how I thought. I think I will sell it,” says Klara.

Screenshots: youtube/tanbyklara

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