Therese and the Election - The first episode out now

In the first episode of "Therese and the Election"(Therese och Valet), Therese Lindgren interviews both Ulf Kristensson and Nooshi Dadgostar. Therese is, as always, a great interviewer and asks concrete questions.

The whole series is shown as a series of reaction videos where Anders is also involved and says what he thinks about the answers.

To form your own view of what is being said in these interviews, you need to see the entire series.

The publishing schedule according to the video description is as follows:

May 15: The Moderates (Ulf Kristersson) and the Left Party (Nooshi Dadgostar)

May 17: The Social Democrats (Annika Strandhäll) and the Christian Democrats (Ebba Busch)

May 19: The Liberals (Nyamko Sabuni and Johan Pehrson) and the Green Party (Märta Stenevi)

May 22: The Sweden Democrats (Jimmie Åkesson) and the Center Party (Annie Lööf)

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Screenshots: youtube/theresejlindgren

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