Bake rye bread without a ready-made sourdough base

I found this rye bread recipe in the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti . Last time I baked was a long time ago, so when even I get intrested of baking, the recipe must be something very special.

Which it is. Instead of inherited or purchased sourdough culture, you can bake rye bread using two slices of crispbread or one slice of rye bread! You simply take advantage of the ready baked bread's sourdough culture.


Part 1

2 crispbreads or 1 slice of rye bread

7 dl water

5 dl rye flour

Part 2

1 tablespoon salt

6-7 dl rye flour

1. Divide the crispbread or rye bread into small pieces. Put the pieces in a bowl together with the water and the rye flour. Let the bowl stand at room temperature covered with a cloth for 24 hours.

2. Mix in the salt and the rest of the rye flour. Pour the dough into a baking tin. Cover with a cloth and leave the dough in a warm place for about 4 hours.

Bake the bread at 200 degrees Celsius in the lower part of the oven for about 1 and a half hours. Let the bread cool under a cloth before cutting it into slices.

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