How do you know which side the fuel cap is on?

The fuel gauge shows empty and you see a petrol station that you intend to turn into. But on which side is the fuel cap on? How was it again? Right or left? You take a chance and it went well. The fuel cap was on the right side.

There are two ways to avoid thinking about the location of the fuel cap.

On newer car tank gauges, there is a picture of a tank gauge with an arrow pointing either to the left or to the right. The arrow shows which side the tank gauge is on.

If you have an older car or the above-mentioned arrow is missing, there is a rule that is almost always correct. European cars have the fuel cap on the right side due to the fact that if you have a fuel stop, you can safely stand at the side under the protection of the car and refill. Asian cars have left-hand traffic and for the same reason have the fuel cap on the left side.

You can even take a chance and then it can get a little crazy.

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