Does Lady Dahmer really have to explain what she does with the money?

Lady Dahmer begged for money for a computer on Instagram and told that her income was SEK 2,000 and she didn´t want to take money from the joint household money.

Considering that her husband's brother is a partner in Avalanche, a game development company with offices both in Stockholm and in New York and her husband works for the same company, it sounds strange.

Now the computer has been bought, money has been left over and the promised updates of the blog have not been realized. For part of the surplus of the money collected, Lady Dahmer has now bought a potted plant for a couple of thousand SEK.

The debate is once again intense on Bloggbevakningen, which also began the discussion about both begging and flower shopping.

Does Lady Dahmer really have a duty to explain her collected money?

And is it really begging she's doing or is it just simply that she wants to be paid for her content because she does not want show ads on her blog? She may not want to work for free.

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