Joakim Lundell - The stalker hates me because he´s not allowed to love me

Joakim and Jonna Lundell tell in the podcast "The truth must come out" (Sanningen måste fram) about Joakim´s new stalker. For a while ago they had another stalker after them who later was convicted after a police report and trial. That person had, among other things, drawn drawings of Lunabelle having knives in her in the drawings. "It was really uncomfortable and I'm glad that part of the book is closed," says Joakim in the podcast.

"But now we have unfortunately got another stalker after us who is mostly targeting me" says Joakim. "In his world we would be best friends. This person posts texts and videos about me every day."

According to Joakim, the stalking began a year ago when the person started to spread lies about him. After a short debate with the stalker, Joakim realized that it was not possible to talk to this person and that he seemed to be mentally ill. "In this person's head, everything looks completely different. He lives in a bubble in a completely different world" Joakim describes his stalker. "I suspect he is in love with me. He reminds me of a jealous ex. He's worse than ten jealous exes together! ”

Stalker's contact attempts take place once an hour, around the clock, according to Joakim. "Why want you ruin for others instead of doing what you are good at" Jonna asks.

Joakim assumes that he has made at least 10-20 police reports against this stalker. If he does not stop, he may be taken into a police interrogation the next time he comes to Sweden, Joakim assumes.

Olof K Gustafsson, as the stalker´s name is, first received a strike and a publication ban for a number of days. Now his Youtube accounts have been completely removed. Yes, he had several accounts, according to himself.

To read what he publishes on Twitter nowadays, you have to follow his account.

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