ANI - Bianca Ingrosso's and Lovisa Worge's new brand

Now both Bianca Ingrosso and Lovisa Worge have published posts on Instagram regarding the new brand ANI. It looks like there will be accessories among other things that will be sold. Bags and wallets are included in the black and white film used as a teaser.

ANI - The site is launched tonight

It will be like By Bianca 2.0 according to the photos. By Bianca was closed down in 2020 and the reason, according to Bianca, was that there was not enough time and that she chose to invest wholeheartedly in Caia Cosmetics.

Now she doesn´t have that many ownership shares left in Caia Cosmetics and she perhaps has more time and energy for this new-old concept.

ANI chooses to invest in young and older models in the advertising campaign. It´s unclear whether the mobile cover and passport case in the photo come from ANI. It remains to be seen.


According to Instagram, Ani Jewels will sell jewelries.

Screenshots: instagram/lovisaworge/biancaingrosso

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