Isabella Löwengrip - There´s no stress with more children

Isabella Löwengrip writes in her blog that she no longer participates in political discussions.

Before, I would always have an opinion and fight for it, now I would rather take a step back. It gives me nothing to say. It only gets anger when I speak out politically, those years have been.

In a Q&A that Isabella had in her blog it turned out that the ex-husband Odd has become a father, but Isabella didn´t want to talk about what the baby´s name is. "It has taken years for it to work well," says Isabella about her relationship with Odd today.

When it comes to having children with Paul, Isabella answers in the same Q&A that she no longer feels the same pressure and stress of having children and getting married.

“So we talked through it a while ago and landed in that there is no stress. It makes no difference if children happen in 2-3 years,”says Isabella.


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