Masked Singer - The celebrities behind the masks

There are discussions going on almost everywhere on social media about the participants of the latest season of Masked Singer. Flashback has published a list of celebrities hiding behind their masks and costumes. Whoever has leaked the info seems to have been right so far.

Those who have left the competition and who have taken off the mask are these celebrities:

Teddy Bear = Marianne Mörck (Actress)
Mrs. Rabbit = Mona Sahlin (former politician)
Carousel = Anna Lindberg (former Swimmer)
Astronaut = Lasse Holm (Songwriter)
Knight = Peter Magnusson (Comedian)
Lynx = Malin Berghagen (Lill-Babs and Lasse Berghagen's daughter)

Stop reading here if you don´t want to know who´s hiding behind the masks for the rest of the season of Masked Singer!

The person who published the list on Flashback writes that the names come from a 95% safe source.

The jury has mentioned some of the names several times already. But when the Mermaid suddenly sounded like a guy in the latest episode of the program, the jury got confused.

Cyber Ninja = Clara Henry (Host, etc.)
The Soft Ice Cream = Arantxa Alvares (Host, etc.)
The Mermaid = Yohio (Artist)
The Wizard = Rennie Mirro (Dancer / Musical Artist)
The Fairy Tale Tree = Tareq Taylor (Chef / Host)
The Musician = Marcus & Martinus (Norwegian artist twins (one sings, one in the positive))


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