Therese Lindgren has sold Indy Beauty

Therese Lindgren tells on Instagram that she has sold Indy Beauty to CCS Skincare Brands AB, which is owned by Trimb Healthcare, a Karo Pharma company.

Therese owned 20% of Independent Beauty.

Therese is currently busy writing her book, which will be published exclusively by an audiobook company.

I've sold Indy Beauty.

When I started Indy Beauty five years ago, it was because I, and many of you, lacked vegan beauty products. With Indy Beauty, I, together with you, have had the opportunity to develop products that have been involved in changing an entire industry and put vegan beauty on the map.

Imagine, five years ago it was impossible to find vegan beauty products, not even when emailing companies could / wanted to tell which products contained animal products, while today it is more the rule than the exception that brands communicate which products are vegan and not. I dare say that Indy Beauty had a hand in the game when it comes to this change, and I'm so fucking proud of that.

It has been a fantastic journey but it has now become time for me to move on and hand over Indy Beauty to CCS Skincare Brands AB, which from now on fully owns Indy Beauty. They will continue to develop Indy Beauty based on the same values and high demands on quality, ethics and transparency that are associated with the brand today.

I will continue to be the face of Indy Beauty for some time to come, but not in the form of co-owners. We did this very well!

Screenshot: instagram/thereselindgren

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