Lundell kills influencers in the horror movie Feed

Joakim Lundell had an Q&A on Instagram before the premiere of the movie Feed. Joakim has produced the movie and he says that he has worked with all parts of the film by co-writing the script, participating in the film making, editing and marketing it. He has also been involved in casting the actors for the movie.

From October 12, tickets can be purchased via Filmstaden and the premiere of the movie is on October 28. Briefly, the movie is about a group of young people led by a well-known influencer being invited to an exclusive camping facility in the middle of the wilderness. With their sights set on top quality content, they jet off to a small island for a few days of luxury wilderness living, ready to share it all with their followers. But there is something out there, something that wants to hurt them, something that cannot be explained. Pretty soon, it's no longer about keeping the Instagram feed alive, but about survival itself.

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There is a 15-year-old age limit to see this bloody horror movie, but if you have a guardian with you, you can see the movie as early as 11 years old.

Joakim Lundell expects that the movie will receive low ratings from the credible film critics, but he believes that they don´t reflect the people's ratings or how many movie theater visits there will be.

According to Joakim, the movie had a budget of SEK 20 million and he praises all those involved for working more than they should have with the movie and therefore the sum was relatively low.

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