Youtube closes Pontus Rasmusson´s channel

Pontus Rasmusson´s YouTube channel has beens shut down after Youtube's decision that his account has violated Youtube's rules. For SvD tells Youtube's communications manager that "After review, we have shut down Pontus Rasmusson's channel for violating our child safety policy, which prohibits content that sexualizes minors."

Several Youtubers, including Anjo and ElChilli, have reacted for a long time and in several published videos to Pontus Rasmusson's videos and his Instagram and Tiktok posts. His audience consists to a large extent of very young people and what he has published has often had sexual content. In addition, his channel has had an impact on the children's parents' finances because in order to talk to Pontus, the children have paid large sums of money via their parents' phone bill.

Pontus Rasmusson's crew, where his father seems to be a driving force, has sent threatening letters to those who have published content in which Pontus Rasmusson has been criticized. I too have received an email with hidden threats.

With its review, SvD has succeeded in getting YouTube to finally react. Youtube will also review Pontus' second Youtube channel Pontus Rasmusson 2.0.

Screenshot: youtube/pontusrasmusson

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