Sara Forsberg - Genetically Male

The songwriter, performer, radio host and Youtube phenomenon Sara Forsberg (who was marketed in the US as SAARA) now brings interesting news in her latest Youtube video.

She tells in the video that she never went through puberty, and when she got a medical check-up, the doctors came to a conclusion that no one in the family had expected.

She was missing ovaries and the uterus. Instead of ovaries, she had three tumors that needed to be removed, and also two testicles. DNA showed that she was a guy.

According to the doctors, Sara was supposed to be a boy, but a genetic mutation caused her to partially become a girl instead.

The hormone treatment Sara received didn't really affect her body much more than making her shoot up in height, and now she's 183 cm tall.

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Sara was in shock and wrote in various internet forums about her situation, and posted pictures of herself and her name instead of using a pseudonym.

Later, when Sara was 19 years old, she became world famous thanks to her video where she pretended to speak in different languages. Someone had taken screenshots of these forums and then snitched to the press.

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The newspapers were chasing her and threatened to publish these screenshots if she didn't want to comment. It eventually got to the point where Sara had to hire a lawyer to put a stop to this. She felt very bad about the whole situation and has since suffered from panic attacks.

I'm sorry to hear that Sara has gone through such tough experiences. It's really unacceptable that her privacy has been violated in that way. Dealing with that kind of pressure and threats from the media can be really harmful to a person's mental health.

It is important that we all respect people's privacy and do not spread or exploit their personal information. Being publicly known does not mean losing the right to privacy and respect.

I really hope that Sara has gotten the help and support she needs to deal with the panic attacks and other consequences of these events. It's brave of her to share her story and I hope she continues to receive support and love from her followers and supporters.

But now she has somehow made peace with her body and she wants to tell her story to help others in the same situation.

Sara says it's been a shocking experience to find out about this and it's taken time to process it. She still feels like a woman and identifies as a woman, but it's been a journey to accept and understand her body and its history.

She urges her followers to be open and understanding towards people who may not fit the norms for gender and sexuality. She emphasizes the importance of being open and accepting, and not judging people based on their body or identity.

Sara ends the video by saying that she feels strong and confident in her identity and hopes that her story can help others feel accepted and understood. She encourages everyone to be proud of themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

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