Samir Badran didn´t enjoy the life as a celebrity

Samir Badran tells Instagram stories that he will be able to work with TV and music but only as a hobby.

-"So grateful for all the response regarding my new path I have chosen for my life" says Samir.

- “So that you know, I have decided that I ´ll still be able to do both TV and music if it becomes relevant, but then as a hobby and not as a profession, so you know.

Sitting in the studio and writing a song is sick fun, or being in some powerful show from time to time is also cool, but not that it should take over my whole life.”

The celebrity life that meant stress and pressure was not for Samir who decited to choose a completely different direction for his life.

-"The reason I changed paths was that I didn´t enjoy life as a "celebrity" and it was too much stress and pressure to try to stay current and all the mental unhealth in the media industry.

So I feel this is the right way to go, and because I love meeting new people and I love making people happy and engaging in different types of investments for large parts of my life, this felt like a 100% right choice.”

Now all that remains is for Samir to become a registered real estate agent. The application has already been submitted and the process usually takes about three weeks.

Samir Badran is now a registrered real estate agent

-"Just want to say that I have never been interested in school, but when you really want something, it works. You have to dare to go for it,” says Samir, who will be successful as a real estate agent.

Screenshots: instagram/samirbadrans

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