Stefan Hallgren - A bridge is needed between the citizens and the legislators

Stefan Hallgren writes about how the greatest Swedish influencers Joakim Lundell and Therese Lindgren reach people in a more large-scale way than, for example, the Swedish Prime Minister does.

- “There is a female politician in Sweden with 1 Million followers on both Youtube and Instagram. Each post is viewed by between 3-400,000 people. Her main lines are animal welfare, vegan diet and physical and mental health."

- "There is a male politician with even higher numbers. His main lines are family values, personal development, child health, media, culture and social issues. He reaches about 1.5 million swedes every day. Neither of the two I mentioned in these stories can be voted on.”

- "Politicians should not have to become Influencers and Influencers should not become politicians.

But a bridge is needed between those who in reality have contact with the citizens and those who make the laws.

Otherwise, democratic power will cease to play a role because it no longer represents anyone and the Parliament (Riksdag) will in practice become just another authority. We need to talk more about this.”

Screenshots: instagram/stefanhallgren

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