Carolina Gynning doesn´t have enough time for swinging

Caroline Gynning visits Martin Björk and she tells that people throw dildos on her plot. So far, the children have not found any dildos, because Carolina has always found the dildos in time. "It's become a cemetery for old dildos," says Carolina, laughing when Martin jokingly asks if Carolina has used any of them. "Damn how disgusting" she laughs.

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"The door to a swingers life is open" says Carolina "We just have not had time as it has been so much with the ´new child. But there will come a time when we can just swing all day and not think about anything else. But not now. I have three companies, three children and so damn much to do. Lying and swinging becomes one thing too many on the schedule.”

Screenshot: youtube/martinbjork

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