Salmonella in Kinder Eggs

Camilla Hamid showed in her Instagram story how to fill Kinder Egg with a smear cake. What she had completely missed was the seriousness of the fact that the company Ferrero, the Swedish National Food Administration, SVT and other press have written warnings about Kinder Egg. Some Ferrero products including Kinder Eggs (Kinder Surprise) have been shown to be contaminated with salmonella and should absolutely not be bought and definitely not eaten.

Camilla Hamid thought the warnings were a joke! Now she wonders if they have used real eggs as molds. writes, among other things, that “The bacteria are spread mainly through food that is not properly cooked or fried. They are also spread through fruits and vegetables that have not been rinsed properly. ”

My guess is that the bacteria was in the milk powder. In addition, those who have salmonella spread the bacteria because of poor hand hygiene after a toilet visit.

Below is one of the articles at SVT News .

Ferrero, which manufactures the products, has released information . Products manufactured in the factory of the Belgian Arlon are withdrawn. The factory will be decontaminated before production starts again.

These Kinder products are affected and have been recalled.

Screenshots: instagram/camillahamid,,

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