Alexandra Nilsson interviewed by P1 - Her blog will be saved at the Royal Library

Nordegren & Epstein in P1 interview Alexandra Nilsson regarding Alexandra's decision to shut down her blog . The interview starts in about 29 minutes into the program.

Her blog is archived at the Royal Library and also at Internet Archives , although she intends to continue to delete her blog. However, the entire blog can be deleted from the Internet Archives by sending a request for it. 7000 times Alexandra's blog has been saved there.

At the Royal Library, there is a single computer where it is possible to read archived blogs which are saved for research purposes. It is to comply with Swedish law that means that there is only can be one computer on Royal Library to follow archived blogs. But Internet Archives can be read by anyone from their own computer.

"Waste of resources" Alexandra thinks but Lars Nilshammar says that Alexandra is not just any 15-year-old who has started a blog but she is part of internet history and has been a very important person to create the influencer scene in Sweden.

By following Alexandra's blog, you can see how it developed. How starts, develops and becomes what it is today. He agrees with Alexandra that it is a professional group that has taken shape. This is exactly what you can see today and it has its value to preserve Alexandra's and other blogs.  


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