Bianca Ingrosso's birthday gifts - Luxury, luxury, luxury

In Bianca Ingrosso's latest Youtube video , it was time to celebrate her birthday. There were no skewed t-shirts from budget brands and 5-pack socks given to Bianca.

It was only luxury brands in stylish gift boxes from NK and Acne, among others, that were opened by Bianca who managed to look just as happy for every box that was opened. 

It was not only joy in Bianca's life in the video when it turned out that one of her Instagram videos had been reported and deleted.

In one sequence she was only wearing panties and that was enough for someone to report it.

- "Damn how sick" thought Phillipe.

But it was soon forgotten when Lucas Feola and Lovisa Worge met Bianca at a restaurant to celebrate her.

The two probably get a very good salary when they managed to give away two sets of coffee cups with saucers from Hermes worth several thousand per set. Or it was just smart marketing of Hermés. 

The belt from Bottega Veneta cost just over SEK 7,000 so it was not that expensive...

Later in the evening, Phillipe Cohen, Benjamin Ingrosso and the second birthday child Oliver Ingrosso joined to celebrate with Jacob and Melina Criborn. 

The theme for the evening seemed to be straight out of birthday drunkenness.

Lucas was half serious and half acting when he teased Oliver who refused several times to drink hot shots.

He does not like the taste of Galliano but Lucas had a hard time taking a no. 

Screenshots: youtube/biancaingrosso

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