Klara Elvgren moves out

Klara Elvgen has sold her apartment on Roslagsgatan in Norrtull and she will be homeless until she finds another condominium that suits her perfectly. 

Homeless in Klara's world means that she rents an Östermalm apartment on Linnégatan for three months. She previously went out with a request for an apartment to rent and then the rent ceiling was SEK 15,000 a month.

She tells on Youtube that she has enjoyed her "f-cking apartment" so well and regrets while not regretting that she has sold her apartment.

Klara completely renovated her apartment after the purchase two years ago. It is rare for an apartment to look good even when empty, but this apartment succeeds. This is how it looked like when Klara finished the renovation .

One of Klara's plans is to try living in New York for a couple of months when she's "homeless" anyway.

What happened to tanning salon is unclear. But Klara is still called Tan by Klara in her social media.

Screenshots: youtube/tanbyklara

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