6 purchases that Alexandra Nilsson regrets

Alexandra Nilsson shows 6 different things which she regrets that she has bought. She has also bought a new hat and it may end up on the next list of things that Alexandra regrets. Chanel gets an aunt stamp from Alexandra as both the shoes and the lotion are purchases she regrets. "Aunt in a jar" nobody wants to smell, right?

Watch the full video on Youtube.

Maria Nila Cacao Intense

Alexandra's blonde curls turned pink by the product.

Chanel N5 lotion

"Aunt in a jar" Alexandra describes the scent.

Pumps from Chanel

Aunty and uncomfortable according to Alexandra.

Camera with special features

Never used.

Pillows from Emma S

So hard that it´s impossible to sleep on them.

Massage pistol

Too brutal.

Screenshots: youtube/alexandranilsson

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