Bianca Ingrosso - I work hard to love myself

"Has Bloggbevakning become so big that her disgusting mindset has spread?" Bianca Ingrosso wonders in her Youtube video.

- "I have to become more politically correct when I speak and I have to become more impersonal for my own well-being. It's boring. It's so fucking boring because it's so far from what I am. My personality is to be open with everything and nothing. But I have to learn it now,” says Bianca.

She feels that she is in the same place as Isabella Löwengrip was when the writing about Isabella was at its worst. 

Bianca Ingrosso was away from Youtube for a while and her stories on Instagram also decreased in number for a period. Bianca now says that she got the omikron variant of covid-19 and did not publish anything on Youtube. But she also feels that it was nice to take a break as she has become afraid to say what she says and thinks due to the cancel culture.

"Everything I say is either misplaced in articles because of journalists who are bad at source criticism. They take something that people have said about me and it becomes a misleading article about it. People get a skewed picture of me. Because I'm not like that and that's not how my work goes. It has scared me,” says Bianca, who thinks that if anyone, she should gotten used to all writings in the press as she has famous parents.

Bianca says she is terrified of being funny, sarcastic and having an opinion. If she makes a decision that does not land correctly, it is mentioned as "The Failure of the Year" in the press. "If not 'everyone' loves what I do, it will be such an extreme opposite; either hate or love. It is difficult to handle it as a young woman, when I myself work so hard to love myself,” says Bianca. 

"The media chooses to twist and angle articles to make women entrepreneurs look unsuccessful," says Bianca, who continues, "Just look at Isabella Löwengrip. I can not understand how she felt when it was angled so that everything she did was wrong or a mistake. I'm starting to feel like I'm "The New Face and all that".

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"I'm tired of making everyone happy and will start going to the psychologist again to stay in this industry for many more years," says Bianca. "I can not understand people's desire to see others fail.”

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