Anis Don Demina and Katrin Zytomierska made out at Spy Bar

Martin Björk interviews Anis Don Demina and it turns out that Anis and Katrin Zytomierska have made out at Spy Bar.

"It just happened us beeing drunk. Oh my God. Disco snogging indeed. I love Katrin.” Anis tells Martin Björk who facetimes with Katrin to confirm Anis´ words.

Katrin says, “We were at Spy Bar. We got the feeling. Life´s good. We kissed each other. It was delightful. The sun was shining the next day.”

When Martin asks "Can there be a replay?" Katrin answers "So, you never know." and Anis says “Anything can happen at Spy Bar. Oh my God." Protection Status

Screenshot: youtube/martinbjork

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