Alexandra Nilsson – I'll going to be more pushy this year

Alexandra Nilsson tells in her latest youtube video about her plans for 2022. Her dream is to work as a host and even if she did not get the TV job for a while ago she has not given up.

Lately, I have had pretty low self-esteem when it comes to applying for new jobs. I really want to be a TV host.

I have to help myself more. I have to stop being so insecure which I have been in recent years. I have become sad and a little jealous when I see that others get dream jobs and dream projects. People seem to have so much fun and so much stuff happens. But it is not surprising that it has not become so for me because I have not done anything active to get it.

I'm afraid of being perceived as pushy, annoying, too forced, too desperate and that's because that's how we women learn that we are considered if we do so. But you have to force things to get something in this life.

My 2022 will be about me being pushy. I will dare to ask for things. I´m not afraid to reach out because I read somewhere that it does not matter that people think you are annoying and gringe because they are not the ones who pay your rent anyway. That's so damn true because they do not. And also if it were to be so now; what does it do in 100 years ?! I do not want to regret that I was too coward to be taken for granted. There is no reason for me to be coward. I know I'm great!

Alexandra has been given a job as a host, which she finds exciting. “If you just do the same old things all the time, you will not develop. This is going to be great! ”

Many of the influencers nowadays are in various game shows on television. The SVT program "Are you completely 100" had lot of influencers. "Best in Test" (Taskmaster ) always has an influencer as a guest, for example, so it seems to be the way to go to get more TV time. Plus a better agent who´s wellspeaking about her client probably does not hurt.

Screenshot: youtube/alexandranilsson

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