Therese Lindgren and Anjo winners in Heyou 2022

In the Heyou Awards of the Year 2022, Therese Lindgren was chosen as the winner in the Youtube of the Year category. Alex Ceesay came from nowhere and won the award as Newcomer of the Year and also in the Instagram of the Year category!

Youtube of the Year

Therese Lindgren

TikTok of the Year


Gamer of the Year


Fan page of the Year


Humour of the Year

Emil Hansius

Instagram of the Year


Shooting star of the Year

Alex Ceesay

Good Deed of the Year

Pontus “Anjo” Björlund
A person who shows that adversity can be turned into tailwinds if you don't give up and have the right people around you. The fact that he also breaks ice and addresses important topics with his own series on mental illness only makes Pontus even more a hero for the future of well-being.

Raw Model of the Year

Tone Sekelius
For the fantastic pioneer she is in our society. We cannot think of a person who more easily shows that all people should be able to decide their own path and who they are. If there's anyone's path we want to go down, it's Tone´s.

Big Heart of the Year

Sebastian Tadros
An ego boost of the most unique kind is obtained from every single story Sebastian puts out. He has a laugh of gold and a smile that proves to us that anything is possible.

Screenshots and source: instagram/heyousverige

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