Dagny Carlsson has passed away

The absolute oldest blogger in Sweden, perhaps in the whole world, has passed away. One month before her 110th birthday, Dagny past away after an eventful life. Just in case, Dagny had celebrated her birthday a little earlier, because you never know when it's time to leave.

The last blog update is from March 16 this year, written by her friend Elena.

It's been a while since I saw Dagny and now that the sun is smiling again and spring is felt in the air it was time for a walk in the park. With us we had the nice and caring Ariyan who is the activity manager at the accommodation. The big news was that Dagny had just received her fourth covid vaccine. Everything had gone smoothly but I wanted to hear a comment from Dagny.
- It was not so dangerous - Dagny replied while she munched on her chocolate ice cream that we had bought for her.

I can tell you that Dagny is in good shape, she has got a new scarf that she thought was a bit too snobby but maybe suitable for the upcoming Pub Night at the nursing home. In the picture you see Dagny and Ariyan.
                                                                        Elena Ström 16/3 2022

Rest in peace, Dagny.

Screenshot: bojan

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