New podcast - Inga beiga morsor

”Inga beiga morsor” (No boring mamas) is the name of Melina Criborn´s och Ellinor Löfgren´s new podcast. There´s already two episodes you can listen to Bonusavsnittet and the first episode”Vänta va. Är du en sån person?

Among other things, Ellinor jokingly says that Melina is her backup plan. Already eight years ago, Ellinor asked Bianca Ingrosso if she wanted to do a podcast with her. Ellinor started her first blog when she was twelve years old so she feels she has always been an influencer.

Melina blames Bianca Ingrosso for Melina becoming an influencer. She had no intention of becoming an influencer. But during her bachelorette party in Prague, Bianca began to incite her followers to follow Melina on Instagram. "If Melina gets ten thousand followers in the course of thirty minutes, she gets ten drinks, like." says Melina in the podcast and continues “It took a second and I had it. Okay. If Melina gets fifteen thousand followers within an hour, she will go to a strip club. I gained fifteen thousand followers in three minutes. We went to a strip club and it was awful.”

Now Melina could not finish her story, but Bianca also promised to buy an expensive branded bag for Melina if Melina got an X number (I think it was forty thousand) followers on Instagram. And she got it.

Screenshot: acast/ingabeigamorsor

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