Therese Lindgren and the Election 2022

Therese Lindgren will interview all 8 party leaders ahead of the election which will be held in the autumn of 2022. The Youtube series "Therese and the election" will be broadcasted in 3 episodes in Therese Youtube channel starting in April.

Look! So fun! A record number of first-time voters will vote in the 2022 election. In the YouTube series "Therése and the election" I will therefore sit down with all eight parties and talk about climate, gender equality and mental illness - issues that are at the top of the Youth Barometer's ranking of young people's most important social issues - plus animal rights, one of my absolute heart issues.

The aim of the talks is to get CONCRETE answers to what measures the various parties intend to take if they come to power, linked to the various focus areas above. What do you intend to do to solve the climate crisis if you win the election? What do you intend to do to increase gender equality? What do you intend to do to reduce mental illness in society?

The series "Therése och valet" which consists of three episodes will be published on my YouTube channel and is launched in April.


Screenshot: instagram/therese

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