Isabella Löwengrip is tired of Paul

Isabella Löwengrip reacts on Instagram. She's tired of her boyfriend Paul calling her name all the time.

Paul always shouts my name. He shouts Bella or Isabella and I hear it 40 times a day much more than my children shout at me. When I'm in the bathroom, he shouts "Bella!" It echoes in my head that he always says Bella!

"Can you stop that?" asks Isabella Paul who thinks that Isabella is cyberbullying him. "Just walk up to me instead of calling my name all the time" Isabella says to Paul who wonders if he should say "Yo, listen" instead.

The revenge is sweet though. Isabella tricked Paul into believing that he was broadcasting live on Facebook and Paul ran up to Isabella in panicing and wondered how he would turn off his live broadcast.

Screenshot/story: instagram/isabellalowengrip

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