Perrelli in shock - Family member taken to hospital

There has been a bloody fight outside Charlotte Perrelli's house and the victim was the smallest family member. Shocked and bloody, he was taken to hospital.

The dog Mozart slipped out and ran to the neighbor's plot where he was attacked by the neighbor's dog who did not appreciate visits to his territory. That dog probably saw Mozart as unauthorized and did his job quite simply.

Everything went well in the end and maybe Mozart will not run away from home again.

What was about to become an ordinary day… .. was on its way to the paddle lesson when Mozart slipped out of the gate and managed to get into a neighbor's crazy dog that bit him. What a press…. A shocked Mosse who could not even stand on his feet, cramped and shook like an aspen leaf.

Blood in the coat and really tufted. It was straight to the animal hospital. Everything has gone well and now we can breathe out again…. He is fine and lying and sleeping at home. I'm still shaking, though.

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