The family travels away and leaves Bianca as a dog sitter

Bianca Ingrosso tells in her story on Instagram that she is as usual not invited to some Easter activities. She writes that Easter means that the whole family travels abroad or works and she must stay home with the dogs.

Hope you had a good Easter. I'm home and doing some work. And as usual, not invited to anything. But that's all right. Me-time, cozy at home with my dogs, just relaxing.

We can only hope that my apartment in Palma is ready by next year. How well things are going with it, by the way, but I get to create my own tradition of going there every year at Easter.

Bianca also writes that the best thing about growing up is creating her own traditions.

Why the dogs Dino and Sammy don´t have a passport is unclear.

Screenshot: instagram/biancaingrosso

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