Lovisa Worge and Lucas Feola to Bianca Ingrosso's new company

In Bianca Ingrosso's Youtube video, it becomes official that Lovisa Worge will leave Bianca Ingrosso AB. He will start according to Bianca so far secret (Ani Who AB) company as a partner.

Lucas Feola will also work there together with Lovisa. Bianca and her assistant Julia Höjner will remain in Bianca Ingrosso AB.

Ani Who AB's board will have these familiar names:

Jesper Matsch as chairman and member of the board, Mikael Snabb board member, Sangchi Tomaj CEO of the company and board member, Bianca Ingrosso board member and Lovisa Worge board member.

YouTube player

Screenshots: youtube/biancaingrosso

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