Alexander Pärleros should consider which ones he is interviewing

Alexander Pärleros has interviewed an anti-waxer in the Framgångspodden (Success Podcast) and when he finishes the interview, he is completely convinced that politicians and pharmaceutical companies are obscuring the truth.

Considering that he hoarded large numbers of mouth guards of the highest protection class at the beginning of the pandemic, he is quite cocky now that society is to be reopened. And it is only thanks to the fact that everyone has been given an opportunity to get vaccinated for free!

This is what he writes on Instagram:

- "It has not been a matter of course for me to release this episode. I know it's jumping into a fire, a fire with a lot of hatred. However, there is a side of me that reacts when it sees things in society and feels that it is my duty to take the dialogue others do not dare.

Withholding information from Sweden's politicians.

Pharmaceutical companies are tinkering and obscuring their studies to make money.

Now an episode is out that I know will stir around in the pot, bring out things that have been withholded. The person I am interviewing is the brain scientist who also has 3 degrees, doctor physiologist and doctorate Katarina Gospic. ”

But as Amina Manzoor at Expressen writes:

- "Gospic is often called a brain scientist in the media. Researcher is not a protected title, but she has not published any scientific article since 2014 . You do not have to be a scientist to talk about vaccines and pandemics, but when she is presented as a brain scientist in the podcast, it gives weight to what she says. "

Furthermore, Amina Manzoor writes that Alexander Pärleros should think about who he is interviewing. - "Compared to" The Joe Rogan Experience ", his podcast is peanuts. At the same time, it has more than two million streams per month and is one of Sweden's most popular podcasts." 

Amina Manzoor writes -"Pärleros says on social media that he only asks questions that you are not allowed to ask. If he really wanted an open conversation about the benefits and risks of covid vaccines, why did he not invite a real doctor and scientist? Then he would have been able to get real answers, which helped anxious listeners.”

Agnes Wold answers in Aftonbladet att - "Antivaxxers are constantly cranking around ”.

- "Agnes Wold, professor of clinical bacteriology at the University of Gothenburg, tells Aftonbladet that she is furious to hear how they talk about the vaccine.

- I do not understand what they mean? That the covid-19 vaccine has no effect and that everything is just cheating? More than a billion people have been vaccinated with Pfizer and we have as much data as possible that it works against serious illness and death."

Breakit writes that the advertisement for the episode has been removed from Acast. - "We want to protect our advertisers".

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