Jireel's role as a father

The artist Jireel participates in the latest episode of SVT program "Carina Bergfeldt". He says that he has had to take on the role of father in the large family of nine children to relieve his now single mother.

His father passed away in covid-19 in the summer of 2020 and since then he has combined artist life with development talks and teacher contacts with the siblings' school.

Ex-girlfriend Alice Stenlöf was not mentioned in the program, but it may not have been easy to get a relationship together with everything that the 21-year-old Jireel has to deal with in his life.

It was also Jireel who ended the couple's relationship. Even then, in February 2021, he said that it was not about infidelity.

His sister Isabel Perreira was fired from Big Brother 2020 after speaking negatively about Jews. Jireel who is a Catholic thought that sister's words were inappropriate and he wrote the following on Twitter according to hant.se :

"Her statement was not correct and I know my mother has taught us better. Even though we are siblings, we have different values about things in life. She is her own person and is responsible for her own actions. I take 100% distance from what she said. And I completely dissociate myself from all forms of racism. "

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