Joakim Lundell - I have found my place in life 100%

Joakim Lundell tells in his story on Instagram about the planned premiere of the movie "Feed ”.

We aim for the film to have a cinema premiere around Halloween this year! But nothing is nailed and everything depends of course on how the recording flows and if everything goes as we intended! We will start recording soon.

His hair transplant seems to have gone well but it will take about 3 months before the new hair will be visible.

It´s about 3 months until the hair starts to grow properly and you will be able to see the difference before the operation! Right now I look worse than ever and am starting to think it's hard to show me without a cap or hat type haha. Looks like a scratch in the head.

He gets a question about how the employees do with their food. If they eat food at Lundell's home and if so, do they have to cook the food by themselves.

Rasmus usually takes things in the fridge and pantry. It was a bit shady at first but I´ve gotten used to the fact that some frozen pizza or Nocco disappears sometimes. Olivia only eats salad so she never eats the same food as me haha. I eat pasta 95% of the week.

When asked how Joakim is feeling, he answers this:

Feels really good! Feels like I said before that I found my place in life 100%!

Know what I want to work with and Í´m ready to work hard every day for my dreams and give everything I have. And with the world's best friends and family behind me and with such awesome people around me, it's just fun to work with something you love!

Screenshot: instagram/joakimlundell

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