Antonija Mandir - What I tried to state turned out so wrong

In the influencer edition of "Halv Åtta hos Mig" (Come Dine with Me), Antonija Mandir tells how harshly she was criticized when she jokingly stated in her story on Instagram that influencers needed to have a vacation after the corona period because they had entertained Sweden. "What I tried to state turned out so wrong" says Antonija. "I tried to encourage those in my industry but it was perceived that I was diminishing another industries."

Camilla Hamid, who shows the program series in her Youtube channel, believes that female influencers do receive harsh criticism, partly because people without insight do not understand how much work there really is behind each post.

The influencer industry per se is, regardless of whether you are an influencer or call yourself a creator, it is a female-dominated profession. The picture you see on Instagram or the clip you see on Youtube have very many layers of work behind it. Not just the people you always see but the people behind it. But what is presented is what looks like a holiday life.

That view is rooted in an imminent hatred of women. And in jantelag. As a private person who is not public… If you say something wrong or crazy… Or do something wrong, it does not even have to be a little wrong but a huge mistake. Then it´s only you and the people in your immediate surroundings who find it out.

While if you (influencer) make a mistake or say something wrong then there´s lot´s of people knowing about it. There is a basic expectation that you must not make mistakes. There is not even a margin for error and learning from it. And that in itself is scary.

Semestersynen på en kreatörsliv gör att när du (Antonija Mandir) berättar att du förtjänar semester för att du har underhållit Sverige… Folk blir provocerade av det för att de tror att vi lever ett semesterliv.

Someone who sees you behind the camera knows that it is not a holiday life but that it´s about long nights, there is a lot of worry, there is anxiety and a lot of hard work.

All women in this industry are entrepreneurs, but we are diminished because this is a women-dominated industry. But it comes with creativity on the purchase.

Antonija Mandir says that it was difficult to be so misunderstood. "Whatever you say, you don´t get an honest chance to do the right thing," says Antonija. "People have already decided what they think about you and it does not matter what you say," confirms Camilla Hamid.

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