Paow is bullied by the Danes

Paow tells in her Instagram story that she does not feel good about being in Denmark but that her boyfriend likes to be there as it is his homecountry.

Every time I go to Denmark… I kind of want to give it a try because I know Alex wants to live there. But every time I'm there, I just feel worse and worse and worse. I'm really being bullied. It's not fun.

I know I should not care but I´m so… My self-confidence and self-esteem has been good but it's like blown away now. I just feel like I have to find myself again. Denmark is not good. So I'm not feeling well down there.

She also has got problems with sleep and has turned the clock around. Now she is trying to feel better with the help of acupuncture and cold-pressed juices. Hope it works!

Paow har sedan tidigare problem med folket i Danmark och det var inte alls länge sedan som hon inte blev insläppt på en bar på grund av hennes tatueringar.

Screenshot: instagram/kattpaow

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