"We in villa" with influencers

"We in villa" is a new series shown by discovery +. The main character is Anders who is smart and kind but who gets really tired of his neighbors and his boss. He's starting to get revenge for all the shit he needs to be through.

Anders works for a speech agency and he would like to work with well-known authors and quality speakers. But his new boss wants to hire influencers and he uses the "Framgångspodden" (Success Pod) as a yardstick for success.

A number of influencers are name dropped in the series, the first two episodes of which have just been released by discovery +. I guess all of us have met at least one of these less likeable characters in our lives so the recognition factor is high.

I don´t know how long the discount applies, but right now a first month costs 10 SEK at discovery +.

Screenshots: discovery+

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