Inventing Anna on Netflix

After the Tinder Swindler, which was about a man who cheated on women, Netflix is now showing a series about a young woman who cheats on everyone! This series is also a true story, but with an added common thread that connects different events. 

The series is about the German heiress Anna Delvay who claims to be good for 60 million dollars. She manages to manipulate banks and wealthy circles in New York for several years. But she is caught and then it turns out that Anna is actually called Sorokin by last name and that she comes from Russia from the beginning.

The real Anna Sorokin has been released from prison, but after only a few weeks of freedom, she was locked up again. This time because she will be deported from the United States and there is a risk that she will commit new crimes. The prison sentence did not make her stop scamming and the US authorities do not believe that the rehabilitation has been successful.

Meanwhile, Anna is updating her Instagram account . And at the address 281 Park Ave South, there is now Swedish Photographic (Fotografiska) instead of the Anna Delvay Foundation.

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