Warg & Pärleros sells the house plot in Nacka

Ida Warg and Alexander Pärleros have decided to sell their house plot in Nacka. There have only been problems with the plot since the purchase. First where the plot boundaries actually was located ie how big the plot was and then the neighbors appealed against the building permit for the new house to be built.

Here is our dream house that we would build on our plot in Sweden. Oh what we have thought, should we live in Sweden or Spain? We have come to the conclusion that we are staying in Spain and therefore we are selling our plot. It really feels sad as it is exactly where we wanted to live if we had lived in Sweden, on the world's most cozy street with only a few minutes walk to the water.

One day we may build the house but right now we have to wait and enjoy our nice house in Spain instead. Each thing has its time. Thanks @studioram for a magical job drawing the house.

It was really a beautiful house that was to be built and now the couple offers the new buyers to take a look at the drawings.

It is with sadness that we have decided to sell our plot. We have gone back and forth if we are going to live in Sweden or Spain but have come to the conclusion that we will stay in Spain. We have kept the plot because it is the only place we want to live if we were to move home to Sweden. We do not really see that it will happen in the near future, so we have chosen to sell our nice, cozy plot in the best location in Nacka, which is also one of the last plots left in Duvnäs.

Here is our dream house we would build. Anyone who buys can feel free to take a look at the drawings.

The plot of 1,202 m² is now for sale for SEK 12,000,000 and it can be found on Hemnet . The Warg / Pärleros couple bought the plot in September 2020 for SEK 6,800,000. Since then, prices have risen sharply, much thanks to the pandemic.

Screenshots: instagram/idawarg, widerlov/nacka

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